Saving Homeless Pets.... Four Paws at a Time!

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Countdown to Christmas 2019

We are proud to share that this event raised $778

S...O...S...Fall Fundraiser Update


Animal shelters are full! Badly needed foster homes are far and few between! Many of the animals rescued from pounds need medical attention and often require life-saving surgery and follow up care for the rest of their lives.   

Times are tough for animal rescuers, but Lorain County has many wonderful groups, volunteers, and advocates stepping up to help the many homeless animals right here in our own community.  


We are proud to share that this event raised $6,695

Cause 4 Paws

$4,801 Was raised at this event with proceeds benefitting Animal Rescues.

Our 11th Year

Paws on the Patio 2019


52 1/2 S. Main St., Oberlin, OH  44074

Every Monday - 5 p.m. til closing
June 3th through August 26th 2019

$1,149 raised this year saving 17 dogs